Master Teacher Program:   The Art of Sharing Yoga
Dancing Dogs Yoga RYS 300 ® 

Light your creative spark as a teacher and dive into the artistry and mastery of teaching yoga.  Our Master Teacher Program is made up of 8 required modules.  These modules can be taken in any order if you have graduated from a DDY 200 Hour Program.  If your RYT-200 is from another school or discipline, you must take the Apprentice Program or our CEU program, The Art of Being Badass first.  You have 36 months to complete the RYT-500 designation from the time you start, or from October 21, 2016, whichever is later*.

The Apprentice Program:  100 Hours
The Art of Asana:  30 Hours  Practice as an art. 
The Art of Storytelling:  30 Hours   How to Teach Powerfully.  
The Art of The Holistic Body:   30 Hours.  Assisting and Anatomy
The Art of Tradition:   30 Hours.   History/Gita/Sutra/Meditation
The Art of Practice:  Living Your Yoga:  30 Hours Personal transformation/retreat
The Art of Leadership:   30 Hours. Workshops. Collaborative Way.
The Art of Slowing Down:  30 Hours  Yinpowerment®   March 2017 at DDY Savannah
The Art of Being Badass:  25 Hours Ceu’s.  Prerequisite for non-DDY 200.

The 300-Hour DDY advanced teacher training is designed to elevate and expand your teaching skills, making you a more effective teacher and leader.  Our promise is that you will experience community, connection and leadership like never before.  Each session or module covers a different unit of study and includes asana, lecture, group discussion, and small-group exercises.   There are eight required modules.   Apply Here.

The Apprentice Program is a requirement for our 300 Hour school and we recommend that you start your journey with this module when possible.    If you are not a Dancing Dogs Yoga 200 Hour graduate, our Badass Continuing Education module may be a prerequisite.  

The following Apprentice trainings are now enrolling: 

APPRENTICE PROGRAM. Atlanta, GA   April 10-15 (Immersion Week), April 21-23, May 5-7, May 26-28, June 2-4.  $1500.00

APPRENTICE PROGRAM.  Greensboro, NC. May 15-21st; June 16-18, 2017, July 7-9, 2017; July 15-16 (Please note this Art of Assisting weekend is in Savannah, GA); and July 21-23, 2017  $2000.  Includes 2 Baptiste Yoga Programs. 

APPRENTICE PROGRAM.  Savannah, GA.   June 5-10, 2017; July 15-16 (Art of Assisting with Baptiste Yoga) and July 24-29, 2017.  $1750.  Includes Art of Assisting with Baptiste Yoga.  

APPRENTICE PROGRAM. Savannah, GA. September 1-3; October 6-8; November 3-5; December 1-3, 2016; January 5-7; February 2-4 and February 16-18, 2017  $1500

APPRENTICE PROGRAM. Atlanta, GA. September 15-17; October 20-22; November 17-19; December 15-17, 2016; January 19-21; February 9-11 and February 23-25, 2017 $1500

The aim of this 300 Hour Training program is to create exceptional teachers and leaders. Not only will you leave our program prepared to teach, you will also be able to stand in front of a room of people and share openly and authentically.   You will gain invaluable insight into your own way of being.   At DDY, we believe that the best yoga teachers are those who connect with their students, who speak authentically and from the heart, and who are comfortable in their own skin, regardless of who or what is around them.  As a 300 Hour trainee you will: 
  • Set clear and defined goals for your teaching and your life.
  • Explore new tools and techniques  for  teaching and leadership.
  • Learn effective tools for facilitation and workshop presentation.
  • Experience Svadhyaya, rigorous personal self-inquiry
  • Remove perceived and real obstacles from your teaching.
  • Receive personal coaching and guidance.
  • Commit to growth.

We invite you to step into greatness and into the service of others and to become an exceptional teacher and leader.

Dancing Dogs Yoga is an accredited Yoga Alliance Teacher Training School. Students who successfully complete our 300 Hour training can register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT-500. 

Your $150 application fee is non-refunadle and does not apply towards any module or program.   APPLY HERE.  Once you are accepted into the program, a mentor will be assigned to you to help you schedule your modules and successfully complete your RYS500.   You have 36 months to complete your RYS500 from the start of your first program.
Yoga at Dancing Dogs Yoga Savannah

"When working with Shelley on my 300 hour certification one word comes to mind. EMPOWERMENT. It is the perfect mix of leading, assisting and learning. Being able to take the tools she has given me to confidently lead a group of 5-500 people is priceless. If you are looking to take your leadership skills to another level, expand as a teacher and tap into a heightened awareness when connecting with students, then THIS is the training for you!"

- Becky Cawood
RYS 300 Yoga Alliance