A Meditation on Presence PLAY
40 Days Week One 20 Minutes


40 Days Week One 90 Minutes PLAY
 A Meditation on Vitality PLAY
 Week Two 30 Mintues PLAY
Week Two 90 Minutes  
Week Three Meditation on Equanimity PLAY
 Week Three Practice PLAY
Week Three 60 Minute Practice PLAY
Week Four Meditation PLAY
Week Four 45 Minute Practice PLAY 
Week Four 60 Minute Practice PLAY
Week Five Meditation PLAY
Week Five 75 Minute Practice PLAY
Week Five 60 Minute Practice PLAY
Week Six Meditation on Triumph PLAY
Week 6 90 Minute Practice   
Bonus Yinpowerment™ Class  
Yoga Class at Dancing Dogs Yoga Savannah
Are you ready for something extraordinary? This 40 Days to Personal revolution program is about challenging yourself to your next levels of fulfillment, leadership, contribution, expression, and revolution. If you are ready for a change in your yoga practice, health, life, and diet, this revolutionary program developed by Baron Baptiste is for you.

Join us for 40 Days of yoga, meditation, self inquiry, mindful eating, and the awesome power of community. Be ready for adventure. Be ready for connection. Be ready for surprise. Be ready to experience yourself as more powerful than ever before.