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Liz Rupp

Liz Rupp took her first yoga class in 2006 and hated it. Five years later, her friends dragged her kicking and screaming into her first Baptiste Yoga class. She began to attend classes on a regular basis to recover from marathon training. In 2011, she completed her 200 hour training with Sid McNairy in Baltimore, Maryland before becoming an active duty Army officer.  Liz is also a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, and loves teaching yoga for athletes. Her goals include teaching to professional athletes, becoming a Baptiste Certified Teacher, and adopting an English Bulldog.

Her favorite thing about teaching yoga is witnessing people feel better - whether it’s their 5 minutes of savasana during a stressful day, or making big strides off their mat and in their life. Liz’s favorite pose is adho mukha svanasana. Yup – good old downward facing dog! A huge transformation happens between your first downdog and the last one in the practice. It’s the starting point for all things cool and scary (jump into crow or handstand), but feels like home all at the same time. For athletes, it’s the most “bang for your buck” in one simple stretch (huge shoulder, calf, and hamstring opener). Liz’s guilty pleasures are nachos and a beer after a summer day. Her secret super power is balancing her diet of kale chips with queso, and making Ina Garten’s Icebox cake better than Ina Garten.

Liz Rupp instructs the following:
  • Power Hour
  • Power Hour is our Journey Into Power sequence in a power-packed 60 minute format.  This class is challenging, fun and invigorating.  Prepare to move, breathe and sweat.  Work at your own level while incorporating variations and modifications. Come experience true freedom and personal power on your mat and in your life– in just an hour!

  • Aha! Chaturanga
  • In this workshop we will break down Chaturanga Dandasana and offer you tools to establish confidence and strength in this powerful pose. Liz Rupp will cover proper alignment, modifications, and shoulder integration throughout a vinyasa transition.  You'll leave this workshop with a rock-solid four-limbed staff pose! 
    $20 for Members
    $25 for Non-Members

  • Yinpowerment
  • Yinpowerment™ is the new Dancing Dogs Yoga sequence designed to bring more sukha (ease) to your power yoga practice. Combining the elements of Yin yoga with the principles, methodology and language of power yoga, this deeply restorative practice will melt your muscles, nourish your practice and speak to your heart. Developed by Shelley Loather, Kendall Beene and Melissa DeLynn of Dancing Dogs Yoga.   All teachers are trained in this methodology.

  • Beginner Workshop
  • Whether it’s the first time on your mat or you want to deepen your practice, this workshop is the right place to master the building blocks of Baptiste Power Yoga! This workshop will be a fun, interactive way to explore each pillar of our practice - Ujjayi breath, Drishti, Vinyasa, Tapas, and Foundation. You will work through the foundational postures one at a time, emphasizing what is most important in getting started. Your questions are encouraged throughout the workshop and serve to help others in the class gain a deeper understanding. Please ask!

    A few points that will be covered in this workshop:

    • A full explanation of Ujjayi breath
    • How to link your breath with movement as we move and flow from pose to pose
    • True North Alignment
    • Step-by-step guidance on foundational poses within the sequence
    $20 for Members, $30 for Non-members

  • Power Vinyasa Yoga
  • Our Power Vinyasa Yoga class stays true to Baron Baptiste's Journey Into Power sequence. Classes are heated to 95 degrees. Expect to be challenged.  Work at any level.  Breathe, move, sweat and shine!

  • Designed for fitness enthusiasts, DDY HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a blend of traditional yoga asanas combined with HIIT tempo movement and funky beats. This class will elevate your heart rate, targeting small but mighty muscles to burn the most amount fat. Overtime, you will build strength, stamina, lean muscles and a Zen warrior like mind.